Song of the Day #38

Hot Chip – How Do You Do

From Hot Chip’s new album ‘In Our Heads’, this is the second track and it’s AMAZING. I think I’ve listened to it about twenty times in the last twelve hour period, and it’s still not boring. Which is great. I can’t wait to dance to it in Berlin’s Columbia Halle in November. That will make two viewing of this London band in Berlin – which is either really stupid or really cool. I’m happy either way because they’re cracking.


Song of the Day – Inglourious Basterds

David Bowie – Cat  People (Putting out the Fire)

I cannot BELIEVE I’ve had this blog going for about three years (or something) and not once featured a Bowie song? Insanity. Alas it’s not going to be solo Bowie here, this is more of a “look how incredible this soundtrack of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ is’ post. We shall begin with Bowie.

(I’m pleased there’s a cracking picture of Melanie Laurent here, but I feel it’s unnecessary to call her a basterd..) Anyway, this is very good use of a powerful song in a montage, and does it get much better than the combination of Tarantino, Bowie and Nazis? Think about it. Excellent song choice for the scene. This version is also extended too, so you get two bonus Bowie minutes.

Next I would like to feature Ennio Morricone. Apparently he’s some big noise in classical music. Much like most composers nowadays, film is the best medium to get their music across to the widest audience, just like John Williams (yawn), Hans Zimmer (I LOVE HIM) and Howard Shore (what else did he do apart from Lord of the Rings..?). So here we go –

Ennio Morricone – Rabbia E Tarantella

I believe this is just when they’re showing the credits.. Which is a shame as so many people don’t bother to read them, so you won’t be getting much Tarantella action. But isn’t this piece so haunting? Bear in mind you’ve just seen Christoph Waltz (best Nazi ever?) (certainly the most entertaining) (I really should watch this film again soon) dictate every bad thing he’s done, and Brad Pitt gets his vengence in a pretty sick way. Amazing stuff in this film, acting, soundtrack, beautiful costumes (see the cameo above), script – really, it’s brilliant. Alas it loses it’s potency the more you watch it.

Song of the Day – What you used to listen to

Suede – We Are the Pigs

An absolute belter of a choon that is one of Suede’s musical highlights! I’m not a massive fan of Suede but the ones I do like I like a very great deal. I believe this one is from 1994 which was a very exciting time for music, with the impending decline of Nirvana, the height of the height for the Manics (and subsequent dive the next year), the inclusion of acid house (why the hell was that ever invented), and so many drugs you didn’t even need to drink. To add to that great confusing mess of culture, I give you Suede.

Song of the Day!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Heard It Through The Grapevine

I’m enjoying doing these quite a lot at the moment it would seem. Today’s treat comes in the form of what’s deemed a “landmark Motown” tune, there’s a great many covers, but this version I was put onto by Joe McKenzie. Years ago. In third year. Marvin Gaye seems to hold the record for “most popular” version but it’s also been done by Gladys and her Pips and the Robinson who Smokes. This is my favourite version, I think this band is highly underrated. Alas the video isn’t the best quality, I mainly wanted it for the footage. Go find it on Spotify!

Song of the Day – A Cover

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

Now I know what you’re thinking – this song is old, everyone knows it. Does it really merit a song of the day title (yes it obviously does, despite being old in modern terms) – one can’t argue with the talent of Jack “I’m so bloody prolific it would make you simpletons sick” White. This song is great. Adjectives with music make me sick too so listen/relisten yourselves, then compare with the one below..


Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army

Really? Didn’t know this talented nobody wrote this.. Apologies for the fact he looks like a complete knob in the video, and seems to grow extra arms whenever he needs it – I didn’t make this – but I do like this version. I was mainly enamoured by it because I thought it meant we might be in luck of a decent cd at work (I was disappointed), and apparently he’s something to do with the X Factor (“ex-factah” etc) or Britain’s Got Talent – I don’t know, but people do talk a lot about these things, again at work. Indeed I believe there was a time a colleague was genuinely concerned that The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent might clash on the evening television viewing schedule. Anyway, this song introduces some good brass moments, and yes I know he’s a dick and all that, but he might have thrown this song out to more people than scary-looking Jack White did. A shame, but probably true. Thoughts, anyone?

Song of the Day!

The Rapture – Get Myself Into It

I can’t remember what song of the day I’m on because it’s been SO LONG since I’ve done a blog post of any description. So here I am, attempting to drive away the hideous weather of today (my boots had leaked before I’d walked five minutes to the train station) and replacing it with a summery choon of sorts. Well I think it is anyway. I also thought it was a female singing this, but I do like the way an electronic-sounding song is played live. The main chap also looks like he’s walked straight out of one of my dad’s folk songs with that hair, but this is immense. Enjoy kids!

Song of the Day #80s Special 3

Depeche Mode – Photographic

Sorry, did I mention that I kind of like 80s music? It’s just a small thing, nothing serious, I LOVE IT.

This song was brought to my attention by Fraz-Dawg in the house last night, after watching ‘Jurassic Park’ (a lot more enjoyable with friends and when you’re not small), after the band was brought to my attention first by Marilyn Manson and then by Zoe when I was in Bath. I’m wondering if that has given you any idea about my cultural intake over the past few years.

Anyway, do feel free to enjoy this by Depeche Mode, it’s brilliant.

Just a small side note – do the 80s seem depressing or chaotic to live in? It can’t possibly just seem ok or even good really.