Song Of The Day#28

The Chieftains – Raggle Taggle Gypsy

There’s a potential this song has been done to death, but it’s the whole “trad-arr” thing, so oh well, here it is again. And I know I’ve already done a song of the day post today, but it’s my blog, so have another. And I think, given the diversity from the last one to this, one can’t complain. Without sounding ridiculous, this version MUST BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD, IT’S THAT GOOD. It’s has a good mix of traditional instruments and slightly not-so-traditional singing, along with a sense of fun – what’s not to like? At least no one seems to die in this particular folk song. Not really anyway. So, listen, think about summer and folk festivals, cider, dancing round a maypole, and enjoy the outstanding bit where, at approximately 2 minutes and 23 seconds, the whole ensemble join together, with a moment’s pause before cracking out the big folk guns for one last big song and dance about everything. AMAZING STUFF.


Song Of The Day #24.

The Decemberists – Down By The Water

I think I am completely in love with this song. A new offering from what has to be one of the best bands around at the moment – really, they are epic, and so worth a listen – AND I’M GOING TO SEE IN MARCH – and who have a new album out on January 11th, making that one of the best weeks for music in a hell of a long time. Last time this happened, British Sea Power released ‘Man Of Aran’ and the Manics released ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’. That was a good week. And as it starts the year off, I am very excited about January, as Sea Power are releasing Valhalla Dancehall on the same date. You won’t be seeing me for a few evenings, but you’ll probably be reading a lot about these new musical pieces.

On a slightly different tangent, the album title is ‘The King Is Dead’. This, I believe first made me think of Wishbone Ash and their album ‘Argus’, and also conjures up images of battles, farming, Thomas Hardy, mediaeval times – and the like. But thinking about it, there’s only one word that’s different from the title of The Smiths album ‘The Queen Is Dead’. And yet this makes me think of political things that I’d rather not thinking about. Is that because we currently have a queen atop the throne? Or because queen doesn’t say ‘traditional-horseback-flags-death-battle cry- etc’? Just a thought.

Anyway, this song was thrown in my direction by BenchLad, and we were both unaware of its inclusion on a new album, so as it takes a slightly different direction from most other Decemberists songs (as far as I’m aware, no characters die in this song), we presumed it to be early. But no! It’s fantastically catchy and yet retains good Decemberist roots in its traditional stance, as well as being quite fitting for the modern ear. Oh just listen to the bloody thing. You’ll probably listen to it five more times before sleeping. I LOVE THIS BAND.

Song Of The Day #20.

Gogol Bordello – Rebellious Love

Ahead of an upcoming gig, my research has led me to this song, which I think is rather good. It’s a little crazy and chaotic, but I think there is some organisation there… Maybe. Anyway, what do you think? Are we a fan of the gypsy influence, or is it too Eastern European for you? Or is that small injection of it into today’s music something good? I think it is, so for a few moments, do enjoy some Bordello goodness.