Song of the Day #35.

Weezer – Pink Triangle

I’m not sure which is better, this or ‘Pork and Beans’, or any of the other Weezer songs that makes you say “fuck yes!” when someone who has enough taste plays it at a soirĂ©e of sorts – either way, they’re all pretty good. This recording isn’t quite as clear/good as it turns up on iTunes but this might inspire you to listen to it on there, so all is not lost. Weezer make for good comfort music – like the much-loved jacket and beans (with potential added pork?), you know where you stand with them and they’re always a good substitute if no other ideas spring to mind. How can you not smile?


Song of the Day – Folk Special.

Seeing as how it actually feels like summer now, festival season is definitely here, and I’m cursing the days I have to be at work when I should be outside, here is a folk playlist for you all! It was too hard to pick but one song, so there’s plenty to choose from. I did spend quite a while “doing the garden” this afternoon, as might be mentioned in a Steeleye Span song, but I was using a power tool. Which sounds more appropriate for Peatbog Faeries maybe. Like I said, something for everyone.

Folk times

(This is Bellowhead by the by)