Song Of The Day #34.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Good Golly, Miss Molly

Is it odd that I seem to very much enjoy this band but really can’t stand Cream or Jimi Hendrix? This is an excellent cover of the classic Little Richard song, and in both instances it kind of sounds like it should end in a heart attack from the singers. I’m surprised (and slightly, morbidly, disappointed) to find that no one in CCR had what would be called a “rock and roll” death ie. no one had an overdose or drank too much and then choked on their own vomit – but that does not mean they have no credibility! Have a listen and turn the volume up 😀


Books and that.

More specifically, ‘The Blind Assassin’ by Margaret Atwood. This isn’t a book review though, I’ve just finished reading it. IT WAS IMMENSE. I still find it fascinating how much a book can do to you. It’s such a small(ish) thing – you can hold the entire story, the whole world that’s been created in your hands, yet it does so much. This one made me cry, and, like in so many stories where there’s one main narrator, it feels like you’ve lost a best friend when it comes to its conclusion. Someone – usually fictional – has been sharing secrets with you for quite a few turns of the page, and, even though it’s usually fictional, I find it awfully hard to just give that up as soon as the book is complete. In the case of ‘The Blind Assassin’, I do rather want the book to just keep going and going and going, because how can a whole world collapse just because the amount of pages says it does?

My next literary ascent is into the world of Mr James Joyce. We’re starting off small, just ‘Dubliners’ so far, in an attempt to get accustomed to his style. ‘Ulysses’ is to be thrown into the mix after ploughing through ‘The Odyssey’. I’m not going to attempt ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ though, I’m not that stupid.

I have yet to feel a sense of achievement instead of a sense of remorse at the finishing of a book. What does everyone else feel?

Song Of The Day #I Can’t Wait To Live In Berlin.

Boys Noize – Jeffer

I don’t think I need say much more apart from HOW GOOD ARE CLUBS IN BERLIN GOING TO BE?

Kindle Continues..

I could have written “Kindle Kontinues”, but then I’m not some sloppy second-rate tabloid that makes up unbelievably bad puns. Exception with The Sun’s “SuperCaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious”. Football headlines don’t come better than that.

Anyway. It’s story time again children, and this time it comes in the form of ‘Voir Un Ami Pleurer’. This little French saga involves a young couple and is set over six years or so (it’s a pretty vague time slot but the political actions going on at the time are vital), starting in 1939 I think, and I originally wanted it to be separated into four miniature stories, but I thought that would be terribly bad form to make someone pay a dollar for 200 words. Personally I prefer this to ‘Aunt Evelyn’, but death, separation, tragedy and lost youth is still involved, so get your bereavement hats on! The title’s taken from the Jaques Brel song ‘To See A Friend In Tears’ (he’s French, if this fact helps with the language), so head over to the Kindle store and buy it. Does honesty help this process?

Song Of The Day #33.

Mogwai – San Pedro

Now Mogwai aren’t my favourite band by a long shot, and I think I began liking them only grudgingly because I was at one of their shows. It was sort of a “let’s see how much noise I can take” challenge, which was quite a lot of fun, but THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING. Must be listened to at full volume. Full. I think this would either be at it’s best when live or when driving. That would be immense. This summer Benchlad? Yes yes.

KINDLE KINDLE! A new literary venture.

For me that is, I have been directed this week to look into throwing things out onto Kindle as it cuts out the “middle man” and you can, by the looks of things, publish whatever you want.. I might be wrong on that one as I’m new to this and there’s much to explore, but I have tried my hand at it and signed up. I have flung my first short story out into the world, and, as Kindle won’t let you price anything lower than $0.99, it can be yours for a mere $1.14. For some reason it comes up as this much on the Kindle Store. Obviously it would be whatever the current conversion would be in pence. It would appear I managed to sign up to

This short story centres around two main characters, one pretty young, one pretty old, the former looking after the latter and the latter the resident of a nursing home. I think it’s quite bleak, like most of my creative stuff, so if that’s your thing (and you have a Kindle) then head over to here..

And search ‘Aunt Evelyn’. It comes up with my name and everything! It’s all rather exciting. Will be putting more up there in future times, happy reading!

Space Adventures at Jodrell Bank.

Hello friends. It’s been a while. Apparently there’s been nothing remarkable to blog about in the last month, by which I mean there’s been nothing I feel the need to rant about on here. Which I find disappointing to say the least, but as far as I’m aware there is soon to be the next series of ‘Mad Men’ about AND the new ‘Sherlock’ come autumn time, so we should be well-supplied. Thinking about it I could have reviewed ‘Game of Thrones’ but I think everyone else was doing that too.

So. To business. As the title suggests, this weekend I was up in the North country (with companions Benchlad and Patrick) for what happens to be a much more talked about musical event then I had anticipated. And it would seem a lot more people know about Jodrell Bank than I thought. Do you know about such things? If not, it’s a space observatory pretty much in the middle of nowhere (I’d say for obvious light-related reasons, but the Lovell Telescope is in fact a radio telescope, as Tim the Scientist told us), the nearest place being Macclesfield, somewhere else I’d never been too. The North is still general unconquered territory for me. So imagine the scene – THIS is the Lovell Telescope –

And the stage is that tiny thing next to it. Tiny in comparison anyway. So there we were, Benchlad, Patrick and I, on a sunny afternoon around 5pm, in the shadow of this huge beast, enjoying the weather, the rudimentary bar, the lack of genuine ladz and trying to ignore the somewhat painful sounds of Ok, Go! (who kept saying “Hello Manchester!”) as they warmed up for the next and much better bands. Really, what niche does this band fill? It depresses me that they have a Wikipedia page that’s about four times the size of British Sea Power, who are obviously better and who were on next.

Now I don’t know if I told you, but I kind of love Bsp. In fact I really love them. I love them so much I let them do things on stage that, were other bands to do them, I would call them idiotic, insane, eccentric and moronic. All these but the last apply to Sea Power. Seeing them makes me genuinely happy, and no amount of pints poured on me or toes trodden on at one of their gigs would put me off. What’s even better is that none of these happen at their shows as their fans are so gentle and usually quite stoic. As are the band, when not performing. The set was pretty impressive, Benchlad was very pleased with the inclusion of ‘Cleaning out the Rooms’, I was surprised by the inclusion of ‘No Lucifer’ and ‘Waving Flags’, mainly because they’re bigger numbers therefore a little overplayed, and we were treated to a rare appearance from Ursine Ultra, the band’s 8 foot bear. Really. Apparently it was Shaun Keaveny in this bear suit, but I’m not sure. He did battle with a Bacofoil Robot who had been fashioned out of litter found at the site, and by the end I think only the arms were left and Ursine was flailing on the ground. This was all during the ‘Do anything’ freakout at the end of the set which they seem to do most of the time. These are the kind of antics that I would think other bands were pretentious and irksome for, but not these chaps. No I don’t know why not. One thing you can’t deny is how immense their on-stage wardrobe is though –

For me, musically, this event was all about Sea Power, but the next band did kind of make an impression on me too. They were the Flaming Lips, or the Flips as is easier to call them. I’d never really warmed to them via Spotify or iTunes, so i was apprehensive, dubious and wanting to be impressed. I’m a very hard task-master when it comes to new bands.

There had been a lot of talk about the bizarre things they do on-stage during the day, and these rumours were not wrong – Wayne Coyne really does roll over the crowd in what he likes to call a “space bubble”, which is effectively a giant hamster ball. It was odd. It did look like good, if not somewhat dangerous, fun. It didn’t stop after that – we were bombarded with HUGE coloured balloons, confetti and streamers, after which came lasers and oversized (to say the least) baseball-gloved hands. It was insane. It was almost like the music was a secondary thought to the spectacle we had been presented with, but when I managed to pay attention to it it was better than I had expected. I was all but in tears for the final number ‘Do You Realize??’, partly because one of the members of the stage show had just proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone (I’m not smushy at all), and partly because I find that song unbelievably sad. But there was a Benchlad to squeeze and I was so tired by the end of it (you know the relief from curling your back forwards after a long musical evening?) that I fell asleep as soon as we got home. Which was about 90 minutes after the gig finished as there was something of a lack of car park attendants.. Not to worry, it was an outstanding day, perfect setting, and I want them to do it again next year. Please.