Song of the Day #80s Special 1

Just to alert everyone – I really like 80s music. And this ranges to quite a lot. I’m talking Wham!, Depeche Mode, Smiths, Yazoo, James Brown, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Blondie etc etc. I’m not really going for the serious tack, but I do absolutely love it. I suppose most people would say it has a lack of integrity or something, although I’m not sure in what sense, but I think I’m mainly going for enjoyment instead of something amazingly innovative or diverse. Although I’m not sure what there is to complain about, as really quite a few people like things that have taken great influences from these things. And who can say no to either the Smiths or some electro? Almost guaranteed people like at least one. I’m winning though, as I like both.

Here for your enjoyment is Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life’ which I think I might have played every time I’ve turned my computer on for the last few weeks. I think Benchlad wanted to listen to them because Guy Garvey said to, and you cannot deny the genius of this song. Please, feel free to dance around your living room. I do.



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