Festival Fashion Pt. 2 – What They Think We Should Wear.

… Except we all know better and if people think “ditsy florals and teeny shorts” are what you should aim to pack ready for the festival season, I would seriously doubt whether those advising this have ever set foot in a festival site before. Which, surely, is necessary if you want to advice people on what to wear there, even if it IS completely impractical? Have a peek at this thread/blog from the Word magazine website, and see how the money you would have spent on new everything for this ‘season’ could have been spent much more practically.


Who needs Cath Kidston wellies at £38, when Glastonbury will decorate them for you..?


A Few Questions..

Why is it a cup of tea always makes you feel better?

Despite replicating the recipe, how come I can never replicate my mother’s food?

Why must AutoGlass adverts use Birmingham accents?  Literally the most irritating region dialect ever?

How does Charlie Brooker manage to write down my thoughts exactly and say them before I do, and much more eloquently?

How does The Word write itself so well? Everytime?

Kettle Chips? Or Tyrrells? Or Burts?

Why do buses not offer returns that last longer than a DAY? Just like trains? Hm? Useless.

Why must the teapot always drip? And why haven’t people realised it’s all in the wrist action?

How do people have the audacity to continue to walk three-a-breast right up until the moment when you have pass ech other on the pavement, and then look at you like it’s entirely you’re fault? Generally, these people are obese too. Comedy.

Will people always be interested in Katie Price’s life?

All ‘Come Dine With Me’s are the same. It’s true. And yet I still watch them. And they’re all so entertaining!

Will ‘The Simpsons’ ever be better than ‘Family Guy’? (No it won’t).

Who the hell invented the hideousness that is Valentine’s Day?! I mean come on!

And finally…

What’s the deal with ageing, suit-wearing, middle class, white, male television presenters on day-time quiz shows?! Surely no one wants to see that? Or is it just me?