Song of the Day #80s Special 2

Modern Talking – Brother Louie

This song was on one of dad’s singles tapes that he made years ago, and for some reason we used to like him speeding it up and dancing to it. We were young. Plus it was a treat as it would ruin the tape to play it fast too much. Anyway, I found a 7 inch of this in a Berlin flea market last year (and I secretly love how immense that sounds – it’s not pretentious because I openly admit it’s cool) and it turns out that Modern Talking are essentially a German Wham!, so what’s not to like? Enjoy the culture kids.

Ps. Apologise for any of these “adverts” they keep putting at the start of youtube things – I haven’t been on the net in a while and they seemed to have changed everything. Bastards.



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