Song of the Day #37.

LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!

Oh LCD, how I love thee. How I wish I’d seen you more before you so meanly split and didn’t let anyone see you ever again (bastards). Even snazzier, I managed to catch them in Berlin, the line up also included Boys Noize AND Hot Chip. Even with just those three acts, thinking about it, the line up was brilliant. So do enjoy this tasty piece of the Soundsystem, hit yourself for not having seen them when you could, and then get involved in their back catalogue. If you happen to have a further ten spare minutes, may I recommend the Soulwax (who were on the same bill again) remix, can be found just below. Soulwax, too, are immense by the way.


Song Of The Day #12.

Walter Murphy – A Fifth Of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)

This song – as a regular pop song – was first pressed upon me in the ’90s when some chap called A+ (his rapping name) sampled it in his 1999 hit ‘Enjoy Yourself’. Which I think we’ll all agree was immense. At the time. It was first created, as the title suggests, by someone called Walter Murphy, who released it in 1976 with his Big Apple Band. Known as “disco instrumental”, it sounds pretty, on paper, pretty naff. Contrary to popular belief, however, disco is not crap. Disco is awesome. And it is made even more awesome when Belgian duo Soulwax are allowed to work their skills on it – this is what they came up with: