Kindle Continues..

I could have written “Kindle Kontinues”, but then I’m not some sloppy second-rate tabloid that makes up unbelievably bad puns. Exception with The Sun’s “SuperCaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious”. Football headlines don’t come better than that.

Anyway. It’s story time again children, and this time it comes in the form of ‘Voir Un Ami Pleurer’. This little French saga involves a young couple and is set over six years or so (it’s a pretty vague time slot but the political actions going on at the time are vital), starting in 1939 I think, and I originally wanted it to be separated into four miniature stories, but I thought that would be terribly bad form to make someone pay a dollar for 200 words. Personally I prefer this to ‘Aunt Evelyn’, but death, separation, tragedy and lost youth is still involved, so get your bereavement hats on! The title’s taken from the Jaques Brel song ‘To See A Friend In Tears’ (he’s French, if this fact helps with the language), so head over to the Kindle store and buy it. Does honesty help this process?


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