KINDLE KINDLE! A new literary venture.

For me that is, I have been directed this week to look into throwing things out onto Kindle as it cuts out the “middle man” and you can, by the looks of things, publish whatever you want.. I might be wrong on that one as I’m new to this and there’s much to explore, but I have tried my hand at it and signed up. I have flung my first short story out into the world, and, as Kindle won’t let you price anything lower than $0.99, it can be yours for a mere $1.14. For some reason it comes up as this much on the Kindle Store. Obviously it would be whatever the current conversion would be in pence. It would appear I managed to sign up to

This short story centres around two main characters, one pretty young, one pretty old, the former looking after the latter and the latter the resident of a nursing home. I think it’s quite bleak, like most of my creative stuff, so if that’s your thing (and you have a Kindle) then head over to here..

And search ‘Aunt Evelyn’. It comes up with my name and everything! It’s all rather exciting. Will be putting more up there in future times, happy reading!


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