Later With Jools Holland.. 6th May.

Ahh!  We are late! There’s already another episode out.. However, instead of ignoring it and skipping it, it was too good. There are too many things to say. MY GOD some of it was so bloody funny. But who to talk about first?!

Obviously, R Kelly. Sweet Jesus this was quite a performance. Remarkable, really. All I really know about this chap is that he did a sort of hilarious/dreadful song entitled ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ which turned up on one of the ‘Now’ CDs back in the 90s (I think). That, and the infamous HipHopera, featuring a midget. I mean come on. So what was one to expect this evening? Whatever it was, it was remarkable. He sort of came across as the male ‘soul’ version of Mariah Carey, voice-wise, and was about as believable as bloody Father Christmas. He was literally impossible to take seriously. “Either he has a tremendous sense of irony, or none at all. I fear it’s the latter,” commented BenchLad as we watched. His first number was so over the top it might as well have been the only thing he did, but the second song was much more toned down. Can’t remember the third. And everyone seemed to love it! He just kept going on and on. I don’t even know how to categorise his music. I don’t think there’s much point in saying anything except for “You’ll believe it when you see it, and maybe not even then.” R Kelly is one helluva strange man.

As a result, Adele was very much overshadowed because of him. Which is unusual as she usually has the loudest voice there. She was good – I think I might actually like this pop star? I mean I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to her (or buy her music), but if she turns up on the radio, she doesn’t offend me. I think I may have some small quantities of respect for her? More so than the other flashes of female pop stars we see nowadays anyway. Easily the best thing about this bird is her voice. Again, not sure how to categorise (I guess R Kelly is R and B? I just don’t know), but she’s not as nauseating as, for example, Jessie J. Urgh.

Young The Giant. Erm..  “alternative rock”. Yeah, not bad. It sounded pretty good, but the main guy looked like he believed in what he was doing so much that if it had been any more, he would have drawn blood from whacking the tambourine against his chest. A gesture that as it happened, was completely pointless as I couldn’t even begin to distinguish it from all the other elements. Listenable to though, nothing too awful really. it seemed like only them and their mums cared enough to give them the motivation to “make it” though. Bless. Such enthusiasm for so little.

James Blake. Oh give it a rest you boring tosser. I mean why did you think this would be good live?! This was so dull! Apparently there were THREE ELEMENTS to this performance except I could barely hear the keys that James Blake was playing.. Minimalism is not my favourite thing, and I don’t think this benefitted from being live, but it’s unlikely I’ll be delving in any time soon. Except – isn’t everyone raving about him? Isn’t he everywhere? .. WHY?! Like most hyped up fad, I am not interested and it’ll pass pretty soon. I could do this.

Metronomy I felt a little sorry for, as they had to follow the first R Kelly song. After which it was a bit sort of “What? Did he really just do that..? Oh god lord he DID. And.. Oh.. Who the hell are these guys? Hmm..” It wasn’t too bad though, they clearly believed in their music and weren’t being idiots about it. Which is quite unusual in a modern band really. I did quite like it, although it didn’t really stand out (unlike Mr Kelly) This was most definitely electronic music, of which I’m usually a fan, so I didn’t find this too offensive. A good performance given how much they had to stand up to, but nothing fantastically special.

Mariza. Yes. Very much. The most diverse thing on this week, this Latin American version of Annie Lennox was very pleasing to me. Apparently she was born in Mozambique and her genre is “fado” (anyone heard of this?), and annoyingly, being the Token World Act this week, she only had one song. But it was traditional and not at all modern – but how different is it compared to all the other music from Portugal? (Apparently Fado is traditional Portuguese music) Not that I mind about that now as I’m not exactly up on this. So this was probably my favourite thing.. Odd how I like both electronic music and traditional.

And a matter of days before the next episode, upon which I believe there are a few decent-looking people. Alas there is to be no BenchLad to watch it with *cries*, but I shall review it nonetheless..


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