Later With Jools Holland.. Friday 22nd April.

A much better, more engaging and varied programme for Mr Jools this evening. Finally! Let us start with the most disappointing (boring) of the night..

k.d. lang. Is it a man? Is it female? Who knows. Who the hell even cares. I found not much inspiring in this, in fact I can’t even really remember what category it would fit best into. I did like her in interview though, so at least she wasn’t a total douche, but is this person supposed to be good and wonderful? I suspect it might be like the Paul Weller fiasco a few series ago, where his music was so dull but it was revered highly because he’s done so much for music. But why be so boring? Did not interest me at all.

Vintage Trouble – ABSOLUTELY amazing. I loved this. Sort of Queens of the Stone Age meets James Brown with a background of blues. Out-freaking-standing. and so much fun. The audience loved this too. For once I am not alone. They looked to be properly enjoying their music too – always a good sign – and the energy was quite outstanding. But then methinks it needs to be for this. Very very good, probably my favourite thing that’s been on Jools this series. Would very much like to see live.

Fleet Foxes – I would very much like it if they did something a little different for this album. But alas. This kind of sounds like everything from the first album except either it’s not quite as good or I’m used to the Fleet Foxes sound. Their harmonies, however, win every time. They should do more a capella, it’s their main asset. Need more inspiration.

Maverick Sabre – I’m not entirely sure what this guy was trying to achieve.. He clearly wanted a race change though, he did not sound like a caucasian chap when singing. It wasn’t too bad though, perfectly listenable to and not too offensive, though the voice thing did put me off. Hm. Not much else to say here..

The Agitator – this was.. weird. Really weird. Though it gets better on the second listen once you know what to expect. It was two drum kits (along with drummers), and a man yelling into a microphone, occasionally with a megaphone for assistance. It was really weird! They did pretty well considering that was their entire set though. Occasional melodies made my voices, but I’m not sure how expansive or diverse things would get in a whole album. This was one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen on Jools. In a baffling sort of way though, not in a “get off the screen you’re offending me far too much” kind of way.

Hugh Laurie – oh hello Hugh. Didn’t know you could play the piano. It was pretty good fucking amazing. He’s improv with Jools on the piano was outstanding. Like REALLY outstanding. He might be added to my fantasy dinner party guest list actually, based simply on his double entertainment value. The songs he provided were also very good, I shall be paying more attention to this in future. I wonder if this is the tiny stones before the boulders of stars who can excel in one thing and have a secret musical hobby too. Steve Martin did it last year – and extremely well – and I’m hoping it will continue down the “good men of comedy” line. I don’t want to see Paris Hilton attempting to play the harp or similar. (Actually, I totally do)

Next week (ie. what’s happening tonight but it’s been Bank Holiday etc so I’ve been doing things etc) there’s to be Lykke Li, PJ Harvey and the Unthanks, the latter of which I actually like. Should be good.


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