Later With Jools Holland.. Friday 15th April.

This wasn’t the best edition of Jools I’ve ever seen, but there was still some merit to it. It was quite diverse, that is certainly true. Let us get down to business. I’d like to go with the extremity sandwich from last week but nothing really pissed me off (an improvement, surely), and nothing jumped out at me. So I’ll just run through them.

Cee-Lo Green– I’m very aware that this man looks like a bouncer and a pimp at the same time. He can sing though, so that’s a bonus. I was slightly confused by his all-female band, especially considering they seemed to be half-commited to playing their instruments. But I guess.. He’s a good song writer, I guess. I think he is? He features way to much on Jools, but he seems like a nice enough fellow, and good at entertaining. And he’s invaded all the radio channels that matter, so I’m going with the idea that he’s good. It was a good performance too. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to him though.

Gregory Porter – This guy was wearing the most bizarre headdress, which somehow seemed to work with the rest of his very formal and respectable attire, and although he only did one song, I thought it was rather good. Very good voice and performance. That said, there isn’t much else to talk about here. It was a positive of the show though.

Robbie Robertson – Who is this man? Is this a case of “old rockers don’t die, they just turn to country music”? It was bland, I’m not going to lie – I was pretty unimpressed and uninspired with this. Background music. And I really couldn’t tell the difference between each song. Apparently it was a good performance though? Oh well, it passed me by completely. And his band looked so bored too..

Josh T Pearson – Oh I’ve heard so much about this man.. He’s definitely a grower, he doesn’t jump out at you right away. Well not at me anyway. I find this man is all about the lyrics. And although his accent drive me up the wall, it does suit the style very well. I would like to state that he’s better at guitar than Jimi Hendrix. I’ve been exposed/told to listen to this man a little too much, so it’s kind of put me off of him, but give it time methinks. I think I’m seeing him later in the year anyway, so I should probably get going on it. A melancholy person, but this seems to be a heartbroken person anyway. It’s not going to be too cheerful is it. Epic beard though.

Seun Kuti with Egypt 80 – Enjoyable stuff, but not exactly too different from his Afrobeat counterparts ie. the rest of his family. Mr Fela (Daddy Afrobeat) Kuti makes his songs good but too long, and Femi (brother) makes his songs good and the right length. Seun is not that good but a goof length. So really I’m saying that Femi is the best one here, and Seun just didn’t quite cut it this time. But I do like the sound of the Afrobeat so it was better than most.

Bootsy Collins – ONLY PLAYED ONE TINY BIT OF BASS WITH JOOLS ON PIANO?! What the hell man?! But he did have the most awesome sunglasses on. They were stars. AND aviators. Coolest dude ever. A little eccentric though.

Glasvegas – Erm.. Second song was better than the first, but it was all a bit showy and attitudey – which really hacks me off. The second song sounded pretty good though, but again it didn’t inspire me fantastically and I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen much again. They should probably focus more on creative innovative music instead of sitting out when all the bands play together at the start of the show.

Next week – Fleet Foxes, k.d. lang (who?) and Hugh Laurie will (hopefully) be entertaining us.. Could be an interesting one.


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