Song Of The Day #29.

Los Kjarkas – Chapara

Slightly more diverse selection for today’s song, and it was a bitch to find one if their numbers that wasn’t live and didn’t have either the lyrics or some hideous graphics going on. This has no lyrics, just outstanding instruments. Apparently, Los Kjarkas are one of the most lucrative exports from Bolivia in the past 50 or so years, but I doubt they’ve made their way into the playlists of people in England. So for your enjoyment and discovery, here is a band that I used to refer to as “Shirt music”. Mainly because when I was small, my dad obtained a tape of their music from an animal adventure park (called Drusillas, near Pevensey which is over the Dover side of the country), in the very early ’90s, and the album artwork was the bands different coloured shirts and hats, person-less, just hung up waiting to be worn. Note the outstanding part at the latter stage of the song where the pan pipes come into full force and are in some ways haunting, in some ways majestic. Bizarre, but rather good yes?


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