Song Of The Day#28

The Chieftains – Raggle Taggle Gypsy

There’s a potential this song has been done to death, but it’s the whole “trad-arr” thing, so oh well, here it is again. And I know I’ve already done a song of the day post today, but it’s my blog, so have another. And I think, given the diversity from the last one to this, one can’t complain. Without sounding ridiculous, this version MUST BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD, IT’S THAT GOOD. It’s has a good mix of traditional instruments and slightly not-so-traditional singing, along with a sense of fun – what’s not to like? At least no one seems to die in this particular folk song. Not really anyway. So, listen, think about summer and folk festivals, cider, dancing round a maypole, and enjoy the outstanding bit where, at approximately 2 minutes and 23 seconds, the whole ensemble join together, with a moment’s pause before cracking out the big folk guns for one last big song and dance about everything. AMAZING STUFF.


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