A Thought For A Sunday

Actually, this is more of a conundrum. Currently, Benchlad and I are King and Queen of Benchland, and this means doing all the shopping too. Which is a lot more fun than it sounds, especially when you get free money to do it with. But – and I haven’t actually thought of this one before – as we were rooting through the bakery section (clearly the best place of a supermarket), trying to decide whether the sliced tiger bread would be easier than the non, we realised that, even though we were shopping – primarily a female activity – it was still the male who should hold the bag. Because that’s the male’s domain – he carries the bags because he is the strong man, not the weak female, who is given to shopping. As tradition and gender roles would tell us, anyway. So what is one to do? Really, what’s the answer here? Of course, we could be ridiculously cute and carry a handle each, but that’s impractical and vomit-worthy. I would still prefer to not carry the basket anyway.


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