Song Of The Day #23.

Holy Fuck – Stay Lit

Also dubbed “an elaboration of the word “fuck”, this band has an unusual but amusing name. That aside, they make good music. Here is an excellent example. This band, from Canada, are also, aside from being electronica, called experimental rock, post-rock and industrial. Which is quite a mix. But I’m pretty sure they all cross over at one point or another. I believe we saw them twice at Glastonbury this year, and BenchLad was quite surprised that I liked them. Which saddens me as it must seem to him like I have incredibly dull taste. Anyway, for your enjoyment is ‘Stay Lit’ from their 2010 album ‘Latin’. Note the way the whole thing builds up subtly to an outstanding crescendo and eventual finish, without having to be too noisy and without having to ruin it. This piece is marvellous.


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