Song Of The Day #19.

Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit

What the hell is this song about?

Does it matter?


This, like a lot of my other (good) new music, was first pressed upon me by 6music. Which I think you should all be listening to. It was deemed by the presenters of the show as “one of the only Wu-Tang Clan songs we can actually play as there’s no swearing in it.” Miracle.

Now I don’t know much about what I innocently and naively deem “black people music” (it’s like a whole genre in itself, and seems very much to be on that side of the proverbial pond – seems so much less accessible than something like the Manics), but I think this is outstanding. No I’m not racist. You can have a proper groove to this – go ahead and try. And then recommend some similar stuff to me: it’s all undiscovered territory.

Challenge Of The Week –

Name all NINE members of Wu-Tang Clan. Without the help of Wikipedia.


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