Song Of The Day #16.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better

I am beginning to have trouble remembering what I have and haven’t blogged in the ‘Song Of The Day’ category, so if I’ve already done this one, I’m sorry, but oh well. It’s my blog.

This song is immense, and I think I’ve listened to it almost everyday for the past two or three weeks. After seeing this band in Berlin in the September festival (yes I know that’s a good-looking sentence), I can safely say that they are one of the most enjoyable bands of current times. Live they are outstanding (and so much fun! They can DANCE), and this song from their fourth and most recent album ‘One Life Stand’, was released as the second single in April 2010. Listen and enjoy, especially the part after the introduction where the main melody comes in. The more you listen, the more you love. Hot Chip are freaking cool.

This is an odd video, and I chose the album version as it means you get a whole extra minute of Hot Chip goodness. Listen and learn.


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