Song Of The Day #8.

Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera
Today, my song of the day is not a song – instead it’s a piece. It amuses me the way you have to use ‘correct’ terminology when talking about different genres. There aren’t really songs in classical music (but then I ask myself – what IS a song?! Can an a cappella be a song? Or does it have to have words?), but I imagine the nearest to a generic pop song, in the classical world, would be an aria. Usually where you’ve got one bird warbling off on one about some bloke who’s “been mean” to her or had his wicked way with her and not called again/offered to marry her. So an aria is indeed a pop song. Except more cultured. And older.

This piece, by Mr Einaudi, an Italian composer who is actually alive today (I always find it weird when composers are alive today, as most are long since dead), is pretty fucking good really. It’s been used countless times on Top Gear and other programmes that need to create moods, and although it may be typical Einaudi (in the ‘I’ve found a rhythm and pattern, now I’m going to stick to it for 6 minutes’ fashion), it is very good. I can’t work out if it’s bleak or sad or depressing – I’m not sure, but then I also think it doesn’t matter much. As long as it affects you in some way, which all good classical music should do, then methinks it’s a success. Enjoy!


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