Song Of The Day #6.

Possibly a strange choice, but…

The Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon.

This has recently, by a friend of mine, been dubbed “indie” and by “indie” I believe he means a generic mass of songs created by a mass of generic bands. Obviously, genres being something of a vague subject (except in extreme cases), and there being a lot of subjectivity in the question of what is and what is not good indie and bad indie, it’s hard to say, categorically, whether or not The Von Bondies are indeed indie. But, given the fact I’m not usually an indie fan, and that I actually genuinely really like this song, I would say it’s not generic landfill indie, but possibly actually good indie. *Shock*.

The song itself seems such a succinct little package that it’s very satisfying to listen to as one unit, aside from being a pleasant tune and all the rest of it. It’s ear-friendly and not really an acquired taste, so if you don’t listen to it too much, you shouldn’t get bored!


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