Song Of The Day #4.

Ultravox – Vienna.

Check it out – Midge Ure actually has hair!

I used to despise this song – it turned up on a compilation my dad made when he discovered illegal downloading and burning mp3 CDs. There were a great many singles that missed inclusion on the dusty vinyl-to-tape recordings he’d made in the 80s, and in amongst many other tracks I’d never heard (as my dad was the first source of music I’d had, which then led to Dede, and now Tom has taken over) lay Vienna, by Ultravox.

Originally thinking this song was too epic, too 80s, too hideous and all-round typifying that era, I was put off. I have one of the best programmes of recent years to thank that I now actually love this song. Ashes To Ashes featured this in an episode, and it fitted particularly well. Odd how something you like using something you despise can make you like it more. And so I give you an absolute tune, written by someone who had never been to the place he was singing about…


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