The Tuesday Muse – Be Yourself.

The Tuesday Muse on a Wednesday?! Yes indeed. I couldn’t think of a suitable topic yesterday, AND I had no time. So here we are!

Now. Where I work, there are a large amount of men who come in for food from the gyms around the local area. Usually Fitness First, maybe some others. They all sport things like ‘PERSONAL TRAINER’ on their back. If you didn’t know what a Personal Trainer was, surely you could go up to these people and ask them to train you for anything? They aren’t exactly specifying their role in society. It could also be misconstrued as one’s own foot protector, instead of someone you have one-to-one sessions with in the gym. The most audacious slogan I have so far found is

Do we prefer this...?

“Be Yourself. Only Better”

How bloody rude?! Who’s to say I am not at my peak of everything? Who’s to say being stupidly fit will improve my all-round well-being, mental health, career path, relations with society, culinary prowess, creative skills, mothering techniques… Blah blah blah. Why is it that everyone who goes to the gym thinks they are better than everyone else? Is spending two hours in the gym everyday really a good use of your time? It’s like they all have this smug secret that just because they spend time getting sweaty with a lot of other sweaty people who think gyms are a good idea, this makes them the best human being around. What idiots.

And it’s not that I think all exercise is bad and immoral – quite the contrary – but it’s just the WAY they advertise it. It’s like there’s literally no other way to “get into shape for summer” or something. Which is absolute bollocks,

...Or this? Come on! There's no contest.

especially in Bath, because everywhere is on a damn hill. If people actually did a little more walking and a little less complaining about the buses, we would all be ourselves. Only better.

That, coupled with the fact that there is countryside everywhere, if you just put a little effort into finding it sometimes, means that surely you can get much more enjoyment from going for a walk or a bike ride? Involving yourself in nature would be a much better way to improve yourself AND get exercise surely? It depresses me greatly when, after Christmas, instead of people saying “Oh, you know what? I’m going to try out this great ‘Walks Around Somerset’ book that I was given”, they all say “Oh what a fantastic gym advert. I must sign up.” And usually they get as far as signing up, attend the first few sessions, then give up and have £30 taken out of their bank account for the rest of their lives, for something they either can’t be bothered to go to, or are too embarrassed to try.



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