Later With Jools Holland – 30th April.

Jools this week was really all about Gorillaz. Damn they were awesome! As well as this fantastic collaboration between a lot of extremely well-respected artists, Mr Holland also had in his studio Mos Def, Bobby Womack, Bobby McFerrin, Laura Marling, Drive By Truckers and Diane Birch. Who to review scathingly first?!

Drive By Truckers. What were they thinking?! They had two singers, and the first didn’t exactly impress me. The next singer, however, sounded like a disgusting cross between American emo-singer and a 6-year old girl being strangled. It was not good. Anyway, the controversy of the voices somewhat detracted from the enjoyment of the music, but it didn’t sound that good anyway: kind of, again, indie landfill, and just pretty bland really. Better than Band Of Horses the week before though.

Diane Birch, lady with the piano, was also pretty dull. There wasn’t a huge amount of difference between each song, but she did have a fairly pleasant voice. Not much else to say about her really…

Laura bloody Marling. Would someone please explain the deal with this bird? Her songs are quite enjoyable – yes – but she’s not exactly amazing, and she doesn’t look like she actually enjoys music at all. Not only did she look terribly bored during other people’s songs on the show (how bloody rude), she also looked deeply depressed by her own tunes. This can’t be good. I can just about listen to her songs, but I am not a fan of her. As most of you seem to know anyway… I think she played things from her new album which everyone seems to be raving about, but this I think is another artist that I will not understand. Like quite a bloody lot of them.

Now, Bobby McFerrin was AWESOME. He is sort of a beat boxer, but I think describes himself as just a voice artist (surely this could be many things and is somewhat too vague?). He made sounds with his voice and changed the pitch by tapping on his chest (see right), and how he made so much noise (good noise! For once good noise!) is a mystery – he might as well have had five mouths. Anyway, good work McFerrin, very impressive. I think there was an interview here too, but as TJ Bench said “There should be interviews on this show, but Jools should not be allowed to do them.”

Gorillaz. YES Damon Albarn. Good work indeed. I naively thought this ‘animated’ band was a small sort of side project from Mr Blurry man, but with the amount of guest artists involved and the songs played and the quality of everything going on, this is neither small nor a side thing. There was an excellent nautical theme running throughout, and there were appearances from Mick Jones and Paul Simonon (anyone know how to pronounce this name?), Mos Def and Bobby Womack and others, and their new album sounds outstanding – another potential buy (now I actually have money to buy music!). Why the hell aren’t they at Glasto?

Mos Def I have always wondered if his name is supposed to mean “most definitely”. There was only one solo song from this slightly odd rapper (or MC?) playing a few drums and cymbals with a dj in the background – but it was good! Oddly enjoyable – this is not the music I usually go for – but it was better than Ms Marling and Ms Birch and the Drive By Truckers – maybe my musical taste is branching out… *faints*

Next week! We have the absolutely sickening Joanna Newsom, the always controversial Hole (why Jools? Why?), Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osborne (what the hell Holland?!), Angelique Kidjo, Ian Hunter, Lissie, and Mumford and Sons (could be good? Needs exploration). But whichever way, it should be an exciting episode, even if it is to yell stuff at the tv. Til next week!


2 Responses

  1. I partly agree with the Drive By Truckers, the first song was amazing, the second …. well….
    But I bought the album, a good cross of Neil Young , and Dinasaur Jnr !
    I buy so much music after watching Later with …
    Some are great, some not…..
    nice blog, ! all the best Gareth..
    Ooh you watched this weeks, now, the Ozzy interview, was … well Ozzy, but his song on Slashs new cd is amazing !!

    • I know I discover stacks of new stuff through Mr Holland – it’s lovely to have a programme dedicated to music than can actually be good and isn’t always in the glaring public eye! The Ozzy interview was ‘interesting’ wasn’t it..? And many thanks for the comments 🙂

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