David Cameron as Gene Hunt? Dear GOD Labour…

Yes yes I know I talk about Gene Hunt a lot and it’s probably boring but – I don’t care! Anyway, check this out if you haven’t already…

This, it would seem, is Labour’s current budget poster (apparently they have no money?) for the upcoming election. WHAT IN GOD’S NAME WHERE THEY THINKING?

First off, surely this is such audacity? Gene Hunt is one of the coolest characters ever (as I’m sure I’ve told everyone I know), and to put David Cameron’s shiny Eton face on his?! Sickening. It’s complete illogical too, given the huge difference in background (yes I know Hunt boy is fictional), and that Labour are just trying to use Gene Hunt’s slightly colourful way of dealing with criminals and other such things, then saying this is what David Cameron might do if he’s in power..?

It would also seem the Tories actually like this advertising campaign. Is that not bad too? It seems like this is more of a hideous spoof, and Labour didn’t mean for it to be taken seriously. Given that the new series of Ashes to Ashes has just started, and that Gene Hunt is “popular” (says le Times) already, I rather feel they’ve shot themselves in the foot… It’s even been stated, on ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’ (urgh, sorry) I believe it was, that Gene Hunt would make an excellent PM. I mean come on! Why involve such a well-loved character in politics?

In addition to this, why involve a lot of other people (Philip Glenister for a start!) in something that seems like a school-boy squabble, and, as one commentor put it “The 1980s look pretty good compared to now.” David Cameron is neither a working class nor cult hero.

Get off the Quattro ‘posh boy’…

See – http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article7086530.ecefor full article.


3 Responses

  1. My thoughts exactly. Labour appear to have severely cocked up on this occasion (as if that has never happened before). They seem to forget that people actually like Gene Hunt.

    Even though I thought it was utterly stupid, fair play to the Tories for the follow-up. But shouldn’t David Cameron cease his shoddy attempts at being ‘down with the kids’ and start playing at being a proper politician? Stop with the gimmicks Cameron, you obviously don’t realise how much of a tit you’re making of yourself.

    They didn’t even do a very good job of the mock-up either. If you’re going to drag a popular icon into the realm of politics, you should at least make a proper job of it.

  2. Erm… this was a competition winning entry from a member of the public. No labour campaign money or official endorsement went in to this. It’d be like me photoshopping a cock on to the front of a pepsi can and everyone going SHIT THIS PEPSI AD CAMPAIGN IS TERRIBLE WHAT WERE THEY THINKING
    warm regards

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