The Power Of Sound.

Heard this marvellous piece as I was serenely awoken by Classic FM this morning. Despite it being a modern arrangement (by Karl Jenkins), it’s wonderfully done and brought to my attention, once again, the brilliant and completely underrated power of classical music to move the soul.

This particular piece seems to have a sad sentiment to it, due to the minor notes and sombre pace, but I find it more uplifting than sad, despite it’s initial obvious swayings. I believe the original story in it (it’s a traditional Welsh folk piece apparently) is that of a soldier returning home to his love after battle – which has to be a great day for everyone surely?

I find the most satisfying ‘thing’ about classical music is that it does not need lyrics as it gets on fine (and usually much better) when it doesn’t include them. The sentiment involved in such powerful instruments (HOW DO THEY DO THIS?!) is all the listener needs, and the lack of words makes each piece much more personal to each individual. Lyrics can sometimes give too much meaning to a song or piece of music – meaning that isn’t appropriate at the time, or maybe the listener cannot get on-board with what the artist is trying to get across. But with classical – it’s so versatile!

I think we should all wake up to Classic FM.


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