The Brit Awards

I was so utterly shocked and appalled at the choices for this year’s Brit Awards that I decided to nominate my own!

It rather appears to me that those choosing the nominations had a few points to hit with their choices :
– are they mainstream?
– are they crap?
– is there any musical talent involved whatsoever?

Etcetera, etcetera. With the possible exception of Animal Collective, Bat For Lashes, Doves, Seasick Steve and, at a push, Dizzee Rascal, I can safely say that all the other nominees annoy the hell out of me and I do not consider them decent musical artistes. I keep reading the same nominations in different categories too – there are so many bands, acts and groups that you could have no nomination appearing twice in the whole thing, let alone three times (Florence and her pretty awful Machine, JLS, Lily Allen and the like). And how can people morally put DOVES and JLS in the same group?! I am all for appreciating a plethora of genres, and picking out what marks a good group from a bad one, but this is fucking awful. Pixie Lott? Dido? CHERYL COLE?! What is this about?! The musical taste of Britain seems to be going increasingly downwards, and I know ‘popular music’ is dead and blah blah blah – ergo we get some terrible things up there for people who do not really seem to care about good music much (I refuse to call Leona Lewis, for example, good music) – but how is it the nominations have completely side-tracked what is actually good in the world of music?

British Female Solo Artist – Bat For Lashes

British Male Solo Artist – Dizzee Rascal

British Breakthrough Act – ???

British Group – BRITISH SEA POWER.

British Album – Brakes ‘Touchdown’

International Female Solo Artist – Fever Ray/St Vincent

International Male Solo Artist – Owen Pallett

International Breakthough Act – Grizzly Bear

International Album – Rodrigo Y Gabriela ’11:11′

Outstanding Contribution Award – Damon Albarn

Other suggestions quite welcome! 🙂

Incidentally, there’s a good article in the NME today, stating about how the Brits should be scrapped – an interesting view, but maybe if they actually reflected what was really going on with British MUSIC then maybe it wouldn’t have to be.


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  1. Much better list!

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