Celebrities and a World Crisis.

Given the recent devastation in Haiti, many stars, celebrities, and other famous people who are actually famous for something they are good at, took the opportunity to raise funds for the survivors of the quake. But, when watching ‘The Politics Show’ (I would like to stress there is nothing else on at this time..), it raised a very good point of why they are doing this. Is it because they actually want to help people? Or because they are doing it for the publicity?

Dame Diana Rigg was a little put-out (in that she was quite angry) about this last suggestion – and gave the look of the disapproving and disappointed mother when talking about it – and who would want to disappoint Diana Rigg?! I feel her title on the show could have been more than “Former Avenger”, but it did not detract from her presence as a very well-respected star. Obviously there are famous people who do really want to help – unless I am very much mistaken, Audrey Hepburn was helping out whoever she could right up until her death, and if she was so interested in herself, then you would have thought she would have taken these last few years off to have for her own.

One could say that celebrities have a duty to show their faces and contribute their time to such causes – for the majority of celebrities, this should not be too difficult considering the amount of back-breaking work they have to do on a day-to-day basis… But how will lending their support do anything? If they are famous for a scandalous sex tape, or because they married some rich tosser for all his money then divorced him two months later – surely this would have a negative effect, as who would have them for their idols? I place a lot more respect by people like Radiohead playing an appeal gig. Incidentally, they raised over ¬£500,000 for this.

It could be said that the celebrities of this world would be more likely to show their support simply for the publicity – they clearly just wish to be famous, and this is going to make them more so. The same could be said by the sheer number of bands who have joined forces to raise money – but at least they are actually using their talents to do this. It is just so hard to believe someone like Davina bloody McCall when she waltzes through the slums and worse-off parts of the world, stating about how tragic it is. We all know that! But what are you actually doing about it?

And, just for another argument, people do seem to find Bono and Bob Geldof the most irritating souls that walked the earth – and they have spent ages raising funds for people all over the world. Surely if anyone deserves some form of respect, it is people like this. But then – as so many people have so many different idols, I suppose it is best to say that even if they are doing it for the publicity, at least they are doing it and using their “power” to sway people’s minds to those less well-off than us. Even if it was their publicist who told them to do so.


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