Music Non-Stop, Techno-Pop. Part One.

Listen to ‘The Man Machine’ by Kraftwerk whilst reading. And for your ease and education, here it is!

This track makes you feels super-human, and seems to be so versatile – it could be used for the beginning of a Mafia movie, the soundtrack to a film about post-war Germany, for a minimalistic underground electro-club at 2am, or maybe even for interprative dance. Who knows. The point is, it would work for nearly anything. But —

I have struggled for a while to come to terms with the fact that electronic music is in the same line as music played on real instruments. Is it really music? Or something completely different? One has to backtrack and define music to state whether or not electronic “music” is really so. One could say that music is sounds, placed into an agreeable order so it is paletable to the ear. But if that is true, Stravinsky is ruled out.  On the other hand, you could say that “music is an art form whose medium is sound” (thanks Wikipedia. Thikipedia!). And if that were true, then surely anything that is audible is music? Anything that is audible is art? No, because the quote states “art form”. And no because that would mean whatever, for example, Janet Street Preacher says is art. Like fuck it is.  So what the hell is art?! I feel this may be an argument that proves a little pointless, as it is so subjective. Art is so damn vague. But music I feel may be less so, even though it is still an art form so technically that does not work. However!

As much as I wish it not to be deemed music, I feel electronic music may be – you can dance and sing to it, have it on in the background, attend a gig of that nature, use it for general ambience. You can use it like normal music. But for some reason I feel it is slightly secondary to music where people have played every note and sung every word. Not that electronic music is less enjoyable – au contrare – but it seems to me to be on a different level than conventional music. Possibly because the process of creating such sounds is slightly less organic? It certainly is a different experience seeing someone play music, and see someone press some buttons and wire a few odd-looking machines up.

Can sound that employs that much music technology be deemed music? Given how much music has advanced, and the fact that nearly all types of music, even those played on real instruments, will invariably use music technology at some point, then one needs a somewhat updated definition of music. Technically, creators of electronic music are playing music, but not instruments. Does one need to be playing an instrument to create music?

To give an example that nearly everyone can get on-board with, you could say that contemporary dance is not really dance, because it looks awful and ridiculous and confuses you more than it entertains you. But one could say that art is about “pushing boundaries” trying to make you question society and the issues the art form has raised for you. So anything that has a meaning is art. Being so subjective, with any art form you can find topics and points of relevance in pieces that the original artist has never even realised they are stating. That is the beauty of art.


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  1. i was beginning to contemplate i might probably end up being the only lady who thought about this, at the very least at present i acknowledge im not insane 🙂 i’ll make sure to look at some several other posts just after i get some caffeine in me, it can be complicated to read without having my coffee, I was unbelivably late last evening enjoying facebook poker and after downing a few ales i ended up giving up all my zynga poker chips cheers 🙂

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