It had come to my attention that programme is the talk of the town. The hit of the box office. The greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread. And I tried to sit down and watch it, I really did. For nearly an hour. I gave up nearly a whole hour of my life to watch this. But, as I suspected, it was awful. Really, terribly awful. Imagine ‘High School Musical’ combined with ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and ‘A Cinderella Story’, and you get ‘Glee’.
The programme focuses on a stereotypical American high school, and yes it involves all the stereotypes – the boisterous black mama, the jocks, the prissy cheerleaders, the immoral teachers, the douche-bag performing artists and the losers. Except they have exacerbated said stereotypes to make them so utterly cringe-worthy it is impossible to take the show seriously. It deeply annoys me when Americans have to go one step further and make things ridiculous. When there is so much going on in the world, you do not need to exaggerate! Human emotions take enough strain as it is, without making situations seem more diabolic or characters more of an extremity. Never would you have such a stupid mix of demographics in “Glee Club” (just saying that phrase makes me want to vomit) – you would get people who could actually dance, or sing, or just perform. You would not get three males and three females. It just would not happen. There were barely three males in my entire dance school when I was in secondary school. Surely if you are going to exaggerate the stereotypes that much, you should have made all three male dancers gay? Just an suggestion… And there is NO BLOODY WAY you would have someone in a wheelchair, dancing in such energetic performances! I mean I am all up for inviting anyone in and allowing people to express themselves (even if it does prove some comical results), but I am pretty sure you would not have a Paralympics-standard wheelchair user dedicating his time to such a god-awful club at high school. Would you. Really. No. You would not.

I found one of the most depressing parts was the fact that the writers of ‘Glee’ are clearly good. They came out with some cracking one-liners! All be them one-liners and only about two an hour. However! They obviously know who to appeal to, and are doing it well. So why can they not write something that will gain a little more respect? Something that will either educate, or entertain, or have a little more intellectual input? Ok, people may like watching rubbish on television, but do you really have to succumb to such a demand? The more rubbish on television, the less the intelligence of the human race. The less the intelligence, the less chance of survival. So technically, could I blame the writers of ‘Glee’ for the downfall of the human race?

On top of that, it gives an impression of American high schools that is wrong. Why write something that is wrong? And why do people wish to watch something that is so obviously wrong? It rather takes my faith in human beings away. It is not even funny ironically. They cannot actually laugh at themselves. A great shame, as if they could, it would make an outstanding comedy.


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