The X Factor.

Is this programme REALLY everything that’s wrong with entertainment? Is it?

The answer is, obviously, yes. But WHY? I insist on knowing why.

The question seems to be posed “Should we allow the public to choose what music they want to hear?” I think we shouldn’t, based on how god-awful the X Factor contestants are. As far as I am aware, they don’t even write their own stuff. It’s just a series of shite cover versions, that they use to attach their name to a good or brilliant piece of talent, that occured however many years before them. Maybe it should be referred to as “That Singing Show Where People Act Like Twats In Front Of A Panel Of Even Bigger Twats.” You know of whom I speak.

Having said that, should people have to chose from the range of music out there? In many ways yes, because the range is so vast and the talent so deep. And it is altogether a much more organic process. That, coupled with the greater amounts of respect these artists have compared to “The 2006 X Factor Winner” (for example), should lead to better music. And shock! It does. Is it also not much more what art is about? It shouldn’t be “anyone can do music” in an American Dream style, people are talented for a reason! Not to say that people who have no talent shouldn’t dabble-by all means go ahead-but it is plainly obvious there are those with a creative streak, and those who clearly just want to do music for music’s sake.

If such a programme is this terrible, why do so many people watch it? Why is it that I can predict the subject of 95% of Facebook status updates on Saturday evening? Is it morally sound to allow quite obviously ubstable, incredibly untalented “singers” embarass themselves in front of the entire nation? Surely they must be aware of how many people are laughing at them. Why allow this to occur for anything other than entertainment? There is better entertainment than to laugh at people.

And yet – it is somewhat courageous to stand in front of Simon Cowell and attempt to sing. I doubt I’d do it. But then I do know I can’t sing.

This programme is not about music. It’s soul is emptier than Hitler’s charity budget.


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