Introducing… Kill It Kid

New kids in town Kill It Kid are currently storming the music scene. Fresh from recording in Seattle earlier this year, they launched their first album (of the same name) at Back To Mine on a chilly Wednesday evening in October. Having been named ‘iTunes Single Of The Week’ that same seven days, it was unsurprising that the club was packed and the fans many. Despite their young age and recent graduation, Kill It Kid show nothing but raw talent in their song writing and performance. Guitar is taken by Chris Turpin, a small and unassuming chap compared to how his voice sounds – it literally tears right through the soul of you, in a way you would not think possible from his appearance. Categorising themselves as “Americana, Indie, Blues”, the band combine a number of instrument that could be deemed unusual to be found in a rock band – Stephanie Ward on piano adds to the main vocals, while Richard Jones comes in with violin, giving the band a country lilt that is so unheard of in a popular band. Despite their unconventional combinations, the band come together to form emotion-riding tunes and penetrating numbers that can only be a good thing. Check them out now before fame (and Radio One) get to them.


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